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F.F.C. Fasten Fit Control (lacing system)

FFCInternal fastening system that features long lasting laces joined to the boot lining. It ensures that the upper wraps the foot, providing maximum fit precision and sensitivity while riding. The Fasten Fit Control system works in synergy with the Precise Air Fit System to offer a superior comfort and an adjustable fit according to the rider’s individual foot anatomy.

P.A.F.S. Precise Air Fit System

Through this boot adjustment system the TCX® Centre for Research and Development has found the perfect solution for granting every rider excellent comfort as the system is able to adapt to any foot shape. The system comprises an air chamber made from antibacterial, antiallergenic polyurethane that allows you to vary the volume through a pump inserted in the top part of the boot. The air chamber is divided into areas of differing thicknesses, designed to follow the shape of the instep and shank in the best possible way once inflated. Therefore, using this pump it is possible to gradually inflate the air chamber, adjusting pressure on the foot and therefore optimising the fit. Finally, a brass and steel air valve allows fine adjustment and full deflation of the air chamber to make it easier to pull the boot off when you have finished using it.

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C.F.S. Comfort Fit System

Comfort Fit System, developed as a result of years of TCX ® know-how, has always been one of the strong points of touring and cruiser products. This special and virtually entirely manual technique allows the boot to be shaped on a “mould” that faithfully reproduces the anatomy of the foot, making the product exceptionally comfortable and ideal for prolonged use in different situations.

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Gore-Tex ® Performance Comfort Footwear

  • Durably waterproof and breathable
  • Optimized climate comfort for moderate conditions
  • Moderately insulating for nominal heat retention

Gore-Tex       D30

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D.F.C. Double Flex Control System

D.F.C.Double-Flex-Control-SystemThe new Double Flex Control System features a PU joint in the ankle area studied to improve front and rear flexibility of the leg. The system is attached to the boot with two lateral hidden screws at malleolus level. This special construction allows a front flexibility of up to 18 degrees and, thanks to two lugs that slide inside dedicated pockets, it allows a rear flexibility of up to 15 degrees, thus avoiding back overextension of the ankle joint and protecting the riders’ foot from injuries.

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